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Tips for Making Your Move as Smooth as Possible

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Moving, although exciting, is also usually tedious and difficult. There are ways to minimize the headache and make moving day as smooth as possible. Carefully choose your moving date and create a budget at least 8 weeks before you load up. Next, decide whether you’re going to hire outside movers or if you are the moving crew yourself. Be sure to contact your children’s schools right away. Begin packing, and while you’re at it, create a donation and sale pile.

Choose a Moving Day

It may seem obvious, but it really is essential to pinpoint a specific moving day if you want the process to go smoothly. Consider factors like the distance of the move, peak hour traffic, and costs. No one wants to haul furniture through downtown lunch-hour traffic. You may be surprised to learn that moving at certain times of day is also more costly than others. The best rates will usually be found in the mornings.

Create a Budget

Moving costs money. It usually costs more than the average Joe realizes. It’s essential to determine a moving budget. Think about all variables involved including movers, boxes, tape, name tags, trucks, and even meals. You aren’t going to be able to cook in the middle of moving.

Decide: Movers or No Movers

One key monetary consideration is whether to hire movers. While it may seem that it’s just best to do the heavy lifting with a couple of buddies, particularly if you’re on a strict budget, you might want to reconsider. Depending on your circumstances, movers can be a huge asset. For instance, if you’re in an apartment building on the fourth floor with no elevator, movers would be a godsend. On the other hand, if you’re only moving a few bulky items out of your ground-level place, you may be able to forgo this cost. 

Contact Schools

Be sure to contact your kids’ schools as soon as you know you’re changing addresses. The process of transferring school records is lengthy and often difficult. Don’t wait until the last minute to tackle it.

Pack, Donate, and Sale

Begin packing early on so that you can also take stock of your possessions and decide whether you should sell or donate any of them. Chances are, you may not want to transport every item you’ve accumulated to your new home. Take advantage of the opportunity by making a little extra money by selling more valuable items. Help others by donating items that are in good condition, but not sellable, condition.

Moving is hard, but you can manage it flawlessly by having a game plan. Choose a date ahead of time. Create a solid budget. Decide whether movers are necessary and contact your kids’ schools well in advance. Thoughtfully pack, donate, and sell your possessions so that unpacking is simple, too.