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Don’t Forget Your Home’s Exterior When Planning Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring cleanup is a broad undertaking encompassing numerous tasks. That said, home improvement professionals urge homeowners to not overlook exterior components when planning such projects.

The Importance Of Home Exterior Maintenance


A home’s outdoor features often have a significant impact on the residence’s aesthetic quality and structural integrity.

During the winter season, icy precipitation, raging winds, and cold temperatures could foul the facades of various external features. Additionally, these elements bring with them appreciable quantities of environmental particles, such as dust, pollutants, and dirt. This often renders associated surfaces dirty, visual eyesores.

Moreover, such harsh conditions could precipitate damage to external features that may weaken a construction’s structural strength, necessitate expensive repairs, and foster the growth of illness-inducing materials.

Important Exterior Spring Cleanup Endeavors

Window Washing
The exterior of a home’s windows is just as important as the interior ones. Dirt, dust, allergens and other forms of grime caked on external reaches often infiltrate the surrounding air and could penetrate indoors. This is especially the case when warmer temperatures arrive and homeowners open windows.

On most occasions, window cleaning can be performed using a simple garden hose and soap.

Gutter Remediation
Though usually overlooked, gutters are considered one of a dwelling’s most pertinent exterior features. These plastic or metal channels positioned across the outer regions of a construction’s rooftop execute the important role of directing rainwater off the roof to the ground and away from the property in question.

Gutters often become clogged with environmental debris, like dirt, leaves, and tree branches. When this blockage grows pronounced, water often backs up onto the roof. Such events could potentially lead to expensive roof damage and a host of problems plaguing the home’s interior.

Gutter remediation should be performed by experienced remediation companies.

Remediate Siding
Exterior siding not only improves a house’s aesthetic appeal but provides a further line of defense against possible natural hazards. Ergo, the said feature should be thoroughly washed and, if need be, damaged portions should be fixed or replaced.

While homeowners are encouraged to perform careful inspections of external siding, any type of remediation should be undertaken by experienced professionals.

Clean Deck Or Patio
Many homes are fitted with decks or patios. Homeowners often use these areas to entertain family and friends at outdoor events like barbecues. Ensuring said components, in addition to the chairs, tables, and miscellaneous items like grills that furnish them remain clean bears critical importance.

Taking said action keeps the location looking clean and new. Moreover, washing away dirt and allergens prevents frequenters from contracting allergies and any other ailments.

The project can often be executed using water and easily obtainable cleansing agents. Pressure washing is also recommended. Go to https://sjexterior.com/ to learn more. 

Check The Roof
Exterior spring cleanup should always include a careful examination of a home’s roof. Homeowners are urged to conduct visual inspections from afar. However, in-depth examination and repairs can be complicated and dangerous and should be performed by the representatives of reputable and experienced roofing companies. 

Address Paved Surfaces
Exterior paved surfaces like walkways and driveways should be thoroughly cleaned and remediated should the need exist. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can result in cracks. Such crevices should be sealed before expensive breakages occur.