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Protect Your Investment! 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Clean the Tile and Natural Stone Surfaces in Your Home

Solid homes feature more than just a sturdy foundation. From rooftop to groundwork, solid homes are built with quality materials that are capable of withstanding time and wear. Proper maintenance increases longevity, allowing quality materials to reach their full potential. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional to clean your high-quality natural stone or tile surfaces will help your flooring last and shine.

1. Professionals understand subflooring.
Cracks and wear appear in even the most resilient tile and natural stone surfaces, especially if the area is used frequently. High traffic, combined with changes in temperature can wear down grout or cause slight slippage when the tiles or stone do not create a smooth surface. But this kind of wear is more than unattractive. It can cause water, salt, or other debris to enter your home’s subflooring and cause further damage. Before reapplying grout or reseating tiles and stones, call in a professional who will clean and inspect the sub-flooring.

2. Professional cleaners preserve your floor’s warranty.
There are many do-it-yourself cleansers and practices that damage natural stone and tile. Using these types of cleaners can cause you to lose your investment’s warranty. To keep your investment safe, professional cleaners use appropriate cleansers and perform proper maintenance, whether that means patching a problem area or even matching the color of replaced grout.

3. Professionals bring their own tools and equipment.
You probably own a few microfiber mops and dusters. You may even have a vacuum cleaner with a hard surface attachment. While these kinds of tools can be used for light cleaning, you want a professional cleaner to perform regularly scheduled deep cleaning. You will also want a professional cleaner to step in after a party, or a muddy summer or an extremely harsh winter. Professionals arrive with acidic cleaners, steam cleaners, stain-removing paste, and other professional-grade equipment that will keep your floor looking polished and new.

4. Professionals know the difference between a honed finish and a polished one.
Professional floor cleaners are experts. They understand the details of flooring maintenance better than a general cleaning service. For instance, there are three types of tile and natural stone finishes. Each requires its own specific maintenance regimen. Polished stone glossy. A honed finish is a satin, or slightly matte and a flamed finish has a rough texture. One cleaning technique does not fit all.

5. You are too busy.

Stain-removing paste, acidic conditioners, floor polishers, and even sanders do not belong in untrained hands. Taking a weekend off to experiment with various cleaning possibilities may very well turn out to be a waste of time and money.

In short, choosing a professional service to care for your high-quality flooring is the only certain way to keep your investment looking its best.