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Keep Your Home Cleaner With These 5 Habits

Nothing can be more daunting than seeing your house in shambles after you’ve just spent hours cleaning. Taking care of a family, especially with small children, is hard work and cleaning is the least favorite chore of everyone in the house. There are numerous ways to get and keep a house clean. Try following some of these five tried-and-proven habits used by moms all over to lessen the time spent cleaning and enjoy spending more time doing the things they love to do.

  1. Shoes off at the door

Whether you have hardwood or carpet flooring, having a dirty floor is disgusting and unsightly. To decrease your time spent on maintaining a cleaner floor, make a house rule prohibiting anyone entering the home from wearing shoes inside. If you are worried about clutter, try placing a shoe rack by the entrance.

Keep in mind that even if you strictly adhere to the no-shoes rule, you will need to have your carpets and floors cleaned regularly. Visit http://absolutecarpetandfloors.com/ to learn more.

  1. Put away items after use

Leaving things lying around can quickly lead to a dirty, cluttered home. When you finish using something, put it back right after use. Ensuring everything has a place will make you less likely to leave objects lying around.

  1. Make cleaning a family activity

A family that cleans together, stays together. Assign everyone a chore that should be done daily. Not only does this take the burden off you solely, but it also teaches good etiquette when living with others.

This may be difficult to accomplish if you have small children. For smaller kids, start with them being in charge of their own room. Make nightly room checkups routine and instruct them rather than doing it yourself.

  1. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink

After a long day and a hot meal, washing dishes might be at the bottom of the “want-to-do” list. Putting dishes off not only increases your load with every day that passes but also makes cleaning dishes more difficult. Make sure to clean dishes after dinner routinely.

  1. Put clothes on hangers or in drawers

Reduce your laundry load by hanging clothes up that have not been worn and folding all clothes that belong in a drawer. Keeping clothes tidy is not only cleaner but more organized.

Maintaining a clean home doesn’t always have to be hard work. Incorporating some of these simple habits daily will make cleaning feel less exhausting. The benefits and reduction in stress will be felt instantly.