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Recycled construction waste products make for useful materials

Recycled construction waste products make for useful materials

IL&FS Environmental Infrastructures and services ltd Construction and Demolition recycling and waste management plant produces recycled 3 mm, 6mm and 8 mm stone aggregates and the same material is used for making Stone bricks, Pavement bricks and Kerb stones, etc

It is estimated that the construction industry in India generates about 10-12 million tons of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste annually. With rapid urbanization the quantum of C&D waste is ever increasing and needs urgent attention. As per Schedule II (vi) of MSW (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000‘Horticultural and C&D wastes shall be separately collected and disposed off following proper norms.

In India, there is very little efforts to manage and utilize C&D waste. Private contractors remove C&D waste to privately owned low-lying land for a price or dump it in an unauthorized manner along roads or other public land. This increased unscientific dumping is putting severe pressure on scarce urban land and is resulting into reducing life spans of landfill.

IEISL has taken a pioneering initiative of setting up a 500 TPD capacity processing plant in Delhi on Public Private Partnership model. During Common Wealth Games 2010, the Company has collected and transported approximately 2, 00,000 tons of C&D waste from the streets of Delhi.
IEISL promotes environmentally sustainable solutions. The Company has established its credentials in Environmental Planning and Management, Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Waste Management, Environmental and Social Risks Assessment, Clean Development Mechanism, Energy Efficiency and Enterprise Geo-Spatial Solutions.

IEISL has successfully created a niche in the Waste Sector by innovating a viable waste processing business model including – offtaking of compost by fertilizer companies, initiating the retail marketing of eco-friendly compost ‘EcoSmart’. During Common Wealth Games, approximately 2,00,000 tons of Construction and Demolition waste has been lifted from the streets of entire Delhi for processing at its facility at Burari, Delhi.

The Company’s Geo-spatial division is ISO 9001:2008 certified and provides sustainable solution framework integrated with spatial technology. The Company has been mandated by Airtel Africa to provide Geo-spatial data for 16 African nations.

The Energy Efficiency and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), division of IEISL offer way forward conservation and management strategies for resources.

Source: http://ilfsenv.com

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