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Korea′s eco-friendly consumption patterns observed around the world

Korea′s eco-friendly consumption patterns observed around the world

한국 친환경 소비 문화
China issued its first-ever red alert for air pollution across its capital.
Schools and outdoor construction have been halted and car use restricted.
This comes amid ongoing talks on climate change in Paris, where leaders are discussing ways to cut back on carbon emissions.
Korea is also doing its part… going green. Our news feature tonight… with Oh Soo-young.
Korea′s Green Credit Card, a mean to motivate consumers to make eco-friendly purchases, was introduced at the Paris Climate Change Conference this year as an optimal practice model for low-carbon consumption.
It was also in the spotlight at the Green World Awards this year, winning the Champion prize for Environmental Best Practice.
″The Green Credit Card encourages environmentally friendly consumption by offering various incentives for households that buy eco-friendly products and save energy.″
Those using the system can get discounts of up to 24 percent when they purchase eco-friendly products and up to 20 percent in public transportation fees.
In the last four years, Green Credit Card users spent 4.4 million U.S. dollars on eco-friendly products.
And last year, their conscious consumption signified a reduction of about 1.2 million tons in carbon emissions. That′s the equivalent to 160 million oak trees of at least thirty years old.
″Korea′s Green Credit Card offers customers a convenient way of collecting points and various incentives while they′re out shopping- without having to consciously change their consumption habits.″
Talking on our phones, typing on our laptops, eating takeouts and using piles of paper, …these are some of the activities ingrained into our lifestyle that leave trails of carbon footprints on our planet.
And the biggest source of pollution is exhaust gas emitted from cars.
To cut down on car use, the city of Seoul has installed one-hundred-fifty spots to rent out bicycles.

″Instead of driving around the city and leaving trails of pollution everywhere you go, you can borrow a public bike instead.″
Seoul′s public bikes can be used by anyone and anytime through a smartphone app.
All that is required is to sign up and buy a membership pass.
Commuting across Seoul by car emits around 5kg of pollutants.
But if you cycle, almost no emissions incur.
″Riding bikes as a means of transportation will play an important role in cutting down carbon emissions in the city.″
Also, to change our daily consumption habits into more environmentally conscious choices, the Korean government introduced an eco-friendly labeling system.
And customers do seem to be making efforts to consider the enviroment when shopping.

″This special label shows that this soda can is a low carbon product approved by the Korean government. The number shows the amount of emissions that incurs in the production, transportation, distribution and even disposal of the product. By picking up items that feature these labels, cons

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