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How to paving go green cold colored asphalt?

How to paving go green cold colored asphalt?

Go Green cold mix color asphalt construction– Riverview project, suzhou.

Go Green Micro-Paving cold mix colored asphalt is new patented high technology product. It is a durable, weather resistant colored asphalt mixture. use eco-friendly cold mix technology + ultra thin paving. Its suitable for landscaping paving and bus lane, bicycle path as well as driveway paving, paving thickness is only 1.0-1.5cm, which greatly reduced the material cost.

This color asphalt material improves the road wet skid resistance and abrasion resistance, reduce the road traffic noise, its also reducing the threat of flooding and water damage due to its excellent water resistant feature from special additive and OGFC mixture.

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Construction is very easy, directly pave in asphalt pavement using asphalt roller. adhere tightly onto the asphalt surface. open to traffic till pavement surface is dry and hard,
depends on the weather, normally takes 6 hours.

Standard package is 1 ton bags. Product storage time is 6 months. Different colors are available.

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