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Architect, Architecture, Blueprints,House Plan, Costa Rica – Green Home Designs Inspired By Nature.

Architect, Architecture, Blueprints,House Plan, Costa Rica – Green Home Designs Inspired By Nature.

Costa Rica Architects, eco friendly designs, Costa Rica house plans, blueprints, treehouses,floor plans, green house designs, eco homes made from bamboo,sustainable building,custom designs, and eco house plans. David, Panama architects using Custom House plans, architects in Costa Rica. On line design and consultation in Costa Rica, Central America. Living in rainforests of Southern Costa Rica and consulting with clients about house plans, floor plans and blueprints is advantageous for both you “the client” and myself, Consultant and draftsman and student of nature. I find myself always looking towards nature when it comes to designing living spaces for new custom homes, large home or small lodges, designing small eco-lodges or resorts in remote areas is my specialty here in Southern Costa Rica. Practicing architecture, I consider community and nature first. I also consult as an architect, in Panama, Central America.
Depending on your altitude and site location, capturing breeze and views will always be a priority. Security has also moved up as a priority in Latin America and it’s important to include future for security bars and decorative metal that is attractive and doesn’t make you feel like you’re living behind bars.

Living in the tropical equatorial range of Central America, staying cool and out of the harsh rainy season weather is always #1 priority when designing custom homes for people living here in Costa Rica or Panama or any tropical location. I consult with folks all over the world but mostly my work is focused here in Costa Rica, where my studio and life as an artist began. Since 2002, I have worked on many projects and provided finished blueprints in English and Spanish for folks requiring building permits with their local municipality. Your design process should start with paying attention to the nature and natural circumstances that exist on your property with regards to breeze, direction of sun, location of shade and the ability to stay out of the rain and hot afternoon sun. All while preserving the views of your property and natural resources. Most importantly have fun!

If you are a property owner now, Spend some time on your property during the sunrise, sunset as well as during a stormy time. The more you know about your property, the better you can communicate to me and the quicker and more affordable my design fees become. Mine is architectural advice based on natures philosophies and interactions. Most of my clients have found my views of great value during the design process.
C2 philosophy / Comprehend and Copy Nature in design and other sustainable ways of thinking are some of the things we will focus on in determining what you want in your dream home. For more information about eco friendly, green building, Environmentally friendly construction, Costa Rica , Panama, Belize or Caribbean, contact me anytime. If you want to hear more about my newest project called the Nautilus, contact me for more info.
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Comprehend and Copy Nature in Design or the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems is Biomimicry. Insect and bird nests are now being studied as well. Innovations inspired by nature reveals the need for new technologies studying biological shapes, forms from the natural world. Since 2002,
I have worked with dozens of clients all over, design homes, Blueprints, House Plans in Costa Rica , Central America, Panama and the USA.
15 Green New Ways To Build Green –
1. Building with old refrigerators
2. Using Precast Concrete Foundations
3. Bamboo for Floor Joists
4. Used Metal, Rebar and Screening
5. Styrofoam Panels
6. Recycled Glass Bottles
7. Styrofoam
8.Precast Floor Pavers
9. Car Axles
10. Used Tires
11. Bamboo Supports
12. Styrofoam Countertops
13. Reeds and Rattan Materials
14. Buy Local
15. Hire Local
2014 Green Design Workshop – Escape Frozen North and come learn about sustainable designing and building.
Learn how to think and design green. Discover the fundamentals of C2 Philosophy. Comprehend and Copy Nature in Design. All inclusive design and build workshop in Southern Costa Rica. Luxury all inclusive jungle accomodations, meals, beverages and domestic travel. 3 days of instructional classroom work, 2 days hands on construction, and 1 day architectural tour. Fun tours and BBQ on beach on the last night. Jan 25 – Feb 1, 2014 / 95.00. Early Sign up before Sept 1, 2013, receive $ 200 off.Costa Rica Sustainable Architecture, Green Building Ideas and links to other sustainable videos, on line presentation and published materials –
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