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Reasons to Choose “Low Moisture” Carpet Cleaning

Deciding which method you want to have used by a professional carpet cleaning service can be a puzzling dilemma, but the following are five reasons why the low moisture system for soil extraction is the ideal answer to make your home “sparkle:”

The cleaning process using low moisture will result in your carpet being dry and spot free in approximately one hour in comparison to coping for perhaps a day or two with wet carpet from a typical steam cleaning. With traditional steam cleaning, there are hoses running throughout the home, which means the doors have to be open and you are losing air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Also, steam cleaning demands the use of 30 to 60 gallons of water while the low moisture process usually uses only three to four gallons, all depending on the amount of carpeting that is to be cleaned.

The equipment has a specially-designed brush that cleans down to the carpet base and doesn’t just clean the carpet surface. A dirt-emulsifying shampoo is thoroughly brushed into the carpet, and a strong suction then lifts out the dirt. Low moisture cleaning gets the deep-down dirt out without over-wetting of the padding and subfloor. There is no shrinking, buckling, warping, mildewing, molding, and especially no leaving of any sticky residue afterward that immediately begins to attract dirt and stains to the carpet fibers again. For carpet cleaning in Clearwater, FL the low moisture method is ideal because of the humid climate.

The extraction process brings the carpet back to looking like new. Stain removal is accomplished including tough jobs such as pet stains, crayons, markers, paint, nail polish, and other substances that are difficult to remove.

The amount of pollutants removed from the carpets is as much as 99%, which helps any family members who suffer from a variety of allergies, asthma, and other problems to breathe easier.

There is a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) that is the largest international cleaner’s association in the world. It sets cleaning standards, client relations, and has a Code of Business Ethics to ensure consistency and uniformity among its members. It offers technical support, education, research and development, and interaction between the members and carpet mills, other organizations, and industry publications.

Your carpeting is one of the most expensive investments you make in your home, so protect it, extend its life, and make it healthier. For more details and an individual quote for your home that will help decide exactly what your carpets need, you can contact the helpful staff at a local reputable and reliable carpet cleaning service.