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Love Your Pets, Hate the Mess? Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help!

We love our pets and we love our carpet in our home. We all know that pets and carpet mixed together can create one big nightmare. Carpet is great to have in a home but when pets are involved it can be very unforgiving. There are lots of over the counter products to help clean your carpet after a pet accident, but most of the time they just don’t do the trick. Pet stains and odors can be overpowering and embarrassing.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Meridian ID can save you the headache of trying to clean your carpet, or worse, having to replace it. It will allow you to enjoy your home with your four-legged friend.

5 Pet Stains a Professional Carpet Cleaner can Help With

  • Urine. Whether you have old geriatric pets, a puppy, or a wayward cat who likes to miss the litter box, all pet owners have had a pee accident on the carpet. These can not only stain your carpet but they can leave behind horrible smells too that will linger in the carpet and home for weeks.
  • Mud. Anyone who owns dogs knows that it is next to impossible to wipe all the mud off their paws. Even if you do manage to get it off their feet somehow they always seem to have it somewhere on their body too.
  • Vomit. Pets vomit from time to time and they don’t always do it when we are home or awake. The longer it sits on the carpet the harder it is to get up.
  • Poop. Everyone who owns a pet has had poop on their carpet at least once. Whether your pet is sick or still learning to use the litter box or go outside it happens. The smell and stain from it can be awful, not to mention embarrassing.
  • Pet Dander. Just having a pet can make your house smell different to people who don’t own pets. It’s not that you don’t keep your house clean, it’s the dander on your pet and only a good thorough deep clean can get rid of it.

We all love our pets and we want to have a clean odor free home. Professional carpet cleaners can help you have the best of both worlds. Before you move your couch over the next stain you may wish to consider giving a carpet cleaner a call.