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Five Steps For Cleaning Your Carpets During The Spring And Summer

The Deep Clean

There are five simple steps to keep your carpets clean during the spring and summer. You should use a good quality deep cleaner to remove the hair, dust, and dirt from your carpet and restore the texture and color. If your home has carpeted stairs, you need to use a machine with attachments.

The Rubber Gloves
If you have pets, you already know the hair gets everywhere. Too much pet hair can clog a deep cleaning machine. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and run them across your carpeting where the majority of pet hair is located. The hair will stick to your gloves due to the friction they create. Now you can love both your furry friends and your carpet.

The Forgotten Areas
Do not forget to clean your carpeting in the areas you most likely forget about. This includes between the baseboards and your carpet, underneath the beds, and inside your closets. Of course, hiring a professional carpet cleaner will allow for the highest quality results and save you tons of time.

Your carpets will be easier to clean if you vacuum on a regular basis and prior to using a carpet cleaner. If possible, vacuum your carpets once each week.

The Stains
You need to treat any stains on your carpet prior to using your carpet cleaner. You can purchase a good stain remover or make your own using two parts water and one part vinegar. Put the solution into a spray bottle and spray the stain well. Allow the solution to remain for fifteen to twenty minutes prior to using your carpet cleaner.