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5 Tips for Closing Your Vacation Home

It feels great to have a place where you can relax during summer or your retirement. A vacation home is a significant investment that needs protection like any other valuable asset. Before closing a vacation home, you should list down all the possible problems that may arise in your absence.                               

Vacation Home

The common problems that may occur in a vacation home are leaking pipes, vandalism, gas leaks, fire, mold, and damage by bugs and rodents. It is imperative to have a homeowner’s policy for your vacation home. Additionally, you should consider these tips to secure and keep your property in shape.

Here are tips for closing your vacation home:

1. Pests
Rodents, moths, and bugs can have a detrimental impact on your home. Therefore, employ some strategies to prevent damage from pests. Before closing the home, inspect the doors, windows, and perimeter walls of your home. If there are any gaps or cracks in the walls, ensure they are repaired before you leave. Besides, remember to clear the refrigerator and cupboards, seal bedding in plastic bags, cover the mattresses with plastic material, and hang flytraps in all rooms.

2. Water and electricity
It is prudent to turn off water and electricity when closing your vacation home. Also, blow the water out of the pipes to prevent havoc in case of breakage due to frigid temperatures. Hire a local electrician to inspect your electrical system and troubleshoot and repair any safety issues.

3. Weather
If you will be away for the entire winter season, think of weather-related hazards. Depending on the climate of the location, you need to consider flooding. To prevent havoc, in case of flooding, place items on pallets and seal any gaps on basement windows, doorways, and bulkheads. If the area experiences strong winds, hire a tree service to maintain the trees in your yard. A reputable company should remove dead trees and trim overgrown branches.

4. Security
Burglars are always targeting unoccupied homes. Numerous cases of burglary happen when occupants are away. Eliminate tell-tale signs of unoccupied homes such as uncollected mail, unmaintained lawns, and unlit driveways. These are the clues that thieves look at when targeting households for theft.

5. Property management
Even in your absence, your property needs maintenance. Hire a property management company that can ensure that your property is maintained properly. They can help keep systems such as air conditioning in good repair. Additionally, keep your home looking “occupied” by discounting mail and newspaper delivery and installing timers for lights.  

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have made the necessary preparations to protect your vacation home.