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Prefabricated Bamboo and Teak Homes in Costa Rica, Panama Tropical Floor Plans, Designs


Prefabricated homes made from Teak and Bamboo, Custom Homes in Costa Rica and Panama, Eco friendly custom home building.Costa Rica Architects, eco friendly designs, Costa Rica house plans, blueprints, treehouses, floor plans, green house designs, eco homes made from bamboo,sustainable building and custom designs and eco house plans. David, Panama architects using Custom House plans by architects in Costa Rica. Also clients in Dominical, San Jose, Puerto Viejo. On line design and consultation in Costa Rica, Central America. C2 philosophy – Comprehend and Copy Nature in design and other sustainable ways of thinking are some of the things we will focus on in determining what you want in your dream home. For more information about eco friendly, green building, Environmentally friendly construction, Costa Rica , Panama, Belize or Caribbean, contact me anytime. If you want to hear more about my newest project called the Nautilus, contact me for more info.

Email me through the reservation page on the Comprehend and Copy Nature in Design or the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems is Biomimicry. Insect and bird nests are now being studied as well. Innovations inspired by nature reveals the need for new technologies studying biological shapes, forms from the natural world. Since 2002, I have worked with dozens of clients all over, design homes, Blueprints, House Plans in Costa Rica , Central America, Panama and the USA.

All inclusive design and build workshop in Southern Costa Rica. Luxury all inclusive jungle accomodations, meals, beverages and domestic travel. 3 days of instructional classroom work, 2 days hands on construction, and 1 day architectural tour. Fun tours and BBQ on beach on the last night. Jan 25 – Feb 1, 2014 / 95.00. Early Sign up before Sept 1, 2013, receive $ 200 off.Costa Rica Sustainable Architecture, Green Building Ideas and links to other sustainable videos, on line presentation and published materials:

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Dinner and a movie ….don’t forget popcorn. Enjoy !
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYk0qclN2zg Comprehend and Copy Nature-
Designing homes around tropical breezes and existing natural resources.

House Hunters International Costa Rica Full Episode HGTV. An interview with real estate agent Rebecca Clower, who will be featured in both a new House Hunters episode and the upcoming reality show pilot.

The emerging field of biomimetics has given rise to new technologies created from biologically inspired engineering. Biomimetics is not a new idea. Humans have been looking at nature for answers to both complex and simple problems throughout our existence. Nature has solved many of today’s engineering problems such as hydrophobicity, wind resistance, self-assembly, and harnessing solar energy through the evolutionary mechanics of selective advantages.

My newest work promotes the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs into foundations and walls of homes. My facility in rainforest of Costa Rica is bringing together eco engineers, architects and innovators who can use those models to create sustainable technologies. From K-12 classrooms to universities, from earthhomes that store and create warmth. My newest project is a tropical earthhomes that create cooler temperatures. Biological researchers around the world are coming to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, the most bio intense place on earth. I am passionate about developing educational programs for carpenters, builders and contractors with an interest in preservation vs. development. Students, professionals and the general public is welcome to attend my Biomimicry workshop in 2014. Working to create public policies that use biomimicry as a solution to sustainability challenges. Encouraging companies that are profiting from biomimicry to provide financial support for biodiversity.