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Carpet Cleaning And Social Media

It’s becoming more and more important to bring together all social media outlets.  Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google Plus and more!  So, for an example you need to be posting on all outlets in an attempt to get some extra jobs coming in – Facebook is the most important to use in that.  This carpet cleaning company has the right website and participates in google plus, facebook, twitter, and yelp.  This generates them more business.  Bringing together all of these will not only rank you higher in google but will also generate word of mouth and business.  Once you bring all of these things together it combines for a powerful force.  His website is clean and to the point!  Very user friendly as well.


Here’s an example of a great Yelp Page!  First of all it has a map – info about company – the hours and lots of reviews!  Try to make sure people review you!

is fun – family oriented and I think draws him customers!  Why wouldn’t you want to support a carpet cleaner like this?

I hope these examples show companies great ideas about how to interact with the online world.  It’s important and necessary for multiple reasons.