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How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies

Asthma is a breathing condition which affects millions of children and adults around the world. Deaths resulting from asthma number more than a quarter of a million per year. This dangerous condition and other allergic reactions in children and adults can be controlled by the careful and professional cleaning of houses, businesses and schools.

As doctors examine the correlations of drugs, allergens, airborne particulars, parents of children with asthma must make their children’s environment as free from irritants as possible.

The elimination of dust, dirt, airborne substances, and, especially, mold must be undertaken to prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions. The home can be a habitat for particles which bring on an asthmatic attack or an allergic reaction. Bleach and vinegar should be used on the walls to remove the presence of any and all types of mold and mildew. Heating vents should be, scrupulously, vacuumed using vacuums with HEPA grade filters to remove any and all irritants. And, finally, and most importantly all carpets in the house should be professionally cleaned. It does no good to vacuum rugs with household vacuums. They only begin to clean the rug of dirt, dust, mites and allergens, and this vacuuming only moves the dirt from one area into another. Dusting with a feather duster is useless. It, like vacuuming rugs, only moves the irritants from one surface to another, and if that surface is the carpet, it will be at home and thrive in that protected environment.

Of the three areas where children and adults congregate, the home, school and businesses. Only one place has that refuge for the unwanted and unwelcome; the carpeting in the home.

Many people attempt to use a pressure cleaning, rug shampooing, rental systems to solve this great problem but the cleaning is not complete, and the moisture remaining in the carpet and pad creates the perfect environment for the most dangerous of asthma and allergy irritants, mold and mildew.

First clean your home thoroughly. Start with the ceilings and work your way down. Pay special attention to hard to get at areas, they are spots where mold can proliferate and wreck havoc with asthma sufferers. When your home is as clean as possible, call the carpet cleaning professionals. Let them know that you want a thorough, antiseptic, cleaning to prevent against asthma and allergy attacks. These professional carpet cleaners will remove a veritable cesspool of dust, dirt, mold, mites, and spores. Leaving your home fresh, completely clean and protected against asthma or allergy attacks.