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Love Your Pets, Hate the Mess? Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help!


We love our pets and we love our carpet in our home. We all know that pets and carpet mixed together can create one big nightmare. Carpet is great to have in a home but when pets are involved it can be very unforgiving. There are lots of over the counter products to help clean your carpet after a pet accident, but most of the time they just don’t do the trick. Pet stains and odors can be overpowering and embarrassing.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Meridian ID can save you the headache of trying to clean your carpet, or worse, having to replace it. It will allow you to enjoy your home with your four-legged friend.

5 Pet Stains a Professional Carpet Cleaner can Help With

  • Urine. Whether you have old geriatric pets, a puppy, or a wayward cat who likes to miss the litter box, all pet owners have had a pee accident on the carpet. These can not only stain your carpet but they can leave behind horrible smells too that will linger in the carpet and home for weeks.
  • Mud. Anyone who owns dogs knows that it is next to impossible to wipe all the mud off their paws. Even if you do manage to get it off their feet somehow they always seem to have it somewhere on their body too.
  • Vomit. Pets vomit from time to time and they don’t always do it when we are home or awake. The longer it sits on the carpet the harder it is to get up.
  • Poop. Everyone who owns a pet has had poop on their carpet at least once. Whether your pet is sick or still learning to use the litter box or go outside it happens. The smell and stain from it can be awful, not to mention embarrassing.
  • Pet Dander. Just having a pet can make your house smell different to people who don’t own pets. It’s not that you don’t keep your house clean, it’s the dander on your pet and only a good thorough deep clean can get rid of it.

We all love our pets and we want to have a clean odor free home. Professional carpet cleaners can help you have the best of both worlds. Before you move your couch over the next stain you may wish to consider giving a carpet cleaner a call.

The Best Ways To Dust Your Home

Dusting your home is a necessary task when you are attempting to keep the house clean. You must keep dust from floating about the house this way and that, and this article explains how you may keep the home clean. There are a few steps that will help you keep the house the dust-free, and you will avoid the problems that occur when you have dust up your nose.

#1: Find A Duster

The duster you use will help you pull away dust from obvious spots, and you will find a dry duster to be helpful as it is picks up everything in one swoop. You may dust in the corners of the ceiling, on furniture and in spots around the house that are difficult to reach. You may begin dusting in this manner as it will help you pick up items that are quite large.

#2: Use A Dust Spray

You will find a few different dusting sprays at the grocery store or local market that will help clump dust when you are cleaning large areas. You may spray down a table in your home, or you may spray furniture that is covered in dust. You may do the same with shelves in you kitchen with the furniture in your bedroom or the shelves in your closets. Using a spray is helpful, and it will speed up the process when you have a flat surface that is covered with dust.

#3: Using Special Dusting Cloths

The dusting cloths you use in the house are designed to trap dust, and they work well with the sprays you will use. You must ensure you have used the cloths every time you dust, and you will find it quite important to have something that will pick up dust easily. You may wash off the cloth, and you may go back to dusting. The process will be quite fast, and you may complete the work in moments.

#4: Dust The Vents

You must dust the vents with a dry duster and a cloth or spray. You will find it simple to clean the vents as they release their dust, and you will enjoy dusting them as they release anything that is in the system. You will keep the house much cleaner, and you will find it much simpler to keep dust from floating in the air as you walk about the house every day.

#5: Hire a Professional Cleaner
Many people are simply too busy to dust their homes on a regular basis. A great solution for this is to hire a professional house cleaner! It costs less than you might think and it’s the easy way to keep your house looking great and free of dust and allergens.

Keep Your Home Cleaner With These 5 Habits


Nothing can be more daunting than seeing your house in shambles after you’ve just spent hours cleaning. Taking care of a family, especially with small children, is hard work and cleaning is the least favorite chore of everyone in the house. There are numerous ways to get and keep a house clean. Try following some of these five tried-and-proven habits used by moms all over to lessen time spent cleaning and enjoy spending more time doing the things they love to do.

1. Shoes off at the door

Whether you have hardwood or carpet flooring, having a dirty floor is disgusting and unsightly. To decrease your time spent on maintaining a cleaner floor, make a house rule prohibiting anyone entering the home from wearing shoes inside. If you are worried about clutter, try placing a shoe rack by the entrance.

2. Put away items after use

Leaving things lying around can quickly lead to a dirty, cluttered home. When you finish using something, put it back right after use. Ensuring everything has a place will make you less likely to leave objects laying around.

3. Make cleaning a family activity

A family that cleans together, stays together. Assign everyone a chore that should be done daily. Not only does this take the burden off you solely, it teaches good etiquette when living with others.

This may be difficult to accomplish if you have small children. For smaller kids, start with them being in charge of their own room. Make nightly room check ups routine and instruct them rather then doing it yourself.

4. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink

After a long day and a hot meal, washing dishes at the bottom on the “need-to-do” list. Putting dishes off not only increases your load with everyday that passes but it also makes cleaning dishes more difficult. Make sure to cleaning dishes after dinner routinely.

5. Put clothes on hangers or in drawers

Reduce your laundry load by hanging clothes up that have not been worn and folding all clothes that belong in a drawer. Keeping clothes tidy is not only cleaner but more organized.

Maintaining a clean home doesn’t always have to be hard work. Incorporating some of these simple habits daily will make cleaning feel like less exhausting. The benefits and reduce in stress will be felt instantly.

How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies


Asthma is a breathing condition which affects millions of children and adults around the world. Deaths resulting from asthma number more than a quarter of a million per year. This dangerous condition and other allergic reactions in children and adults can be controlled by the careful and professional cleaning of houses, businesses and schools.
As doctors examine the correlations of drugs, allergens, airborne particulars, parents of children with asthma must make their children’s environment as free from irritants as possible.

The elimination of dust, dirt, airborne substances, and, especially, mold must be undertaken to prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions. The home can be a habitat for particles which bring on an asthmatic attack or an allergic reaction. Bleach and vinegar should be used on the walls to remove the presence of any and all types of mold and mildew. Heating vents should be, scrupulously, vacuumed using vacuums with HEPA grade filters to remove any and all irritants. And, finally, and most importantly all carpets in the house should be professionally cleaned. It does no good to vacuum rugs with household vacuums. They only begin to clean the rug of dirt, dust, mites and allergens, and this vacuuming only moves the dirt from one area into another. Dusting with a feather duster is useless. It, like vacuuming rugs, only moves the irritants from one surface to another, and if that surface is the carpet, it will be at home and thrive in that protected environment.
Of the three areas where children and adults congregate, the home, school and businesses. Only one place has that refuge for the unwanted and unwelcome; the carpeting in the home.
Many people attempt to use a pressure cleaning, rug shampooing, rental systems to solve this great problem but the cleaning is not complete, and the moisture remaining in the carpet and pad creates the perfect environment for the most dangerous of asthma and allergy irritants, mold and mildew.
First clean your home thoroughly. Start with the ceilings and work your way down. Pay special attention to hard to get at areas, they are spots where mold can proliferate and wreck havoc with asthma sufferers. When your home is as clean as possible, call the carpet cleaning professionals. Let them know that you want a thorough, antiseptic, cleaning to prevent against asthma and allergy attacks. These professional carpet cleaners will remove a veritable cesspool of dust, dirt, mold, mites, and spores. Leaving your home fresh, completely clean and protected against asthma or allergy attacks.

The Damaging Effect Of Dirt On Home Carpet Fibers

The appearance of a new carpet always improves the look of any room, but without regular cleaning dirt and grit will soon start to damage the new carpet.

The majority of dirt and grit that finds its way onto home carpets is brought in on the shoes of the occupants and unless a carpet is vacuumed regularly, will soon find its way deep into the carpet fibers. Modern carpet fibers are more resistant to wear and abrasion but eventually damage will be done to the carpet.

When the carpet is walked on, the dirt and grit acts as an abrasive and, like sandpaper, will start to rub, abrade and wear the individual carpet fibers. The appearance of the carpet depends upon the color and surface finish of the individual fibers, so as they become scratched and damaged by abrasion and wear, the carpet loses its attractive new look.

The action of dirt on carpets will be particularly evident at entrances and other heavy traffic areas where the gritty particles are frequently rubbed into the fibers and do most damage. Using entrance mats can help prevent damage to carpet fibers by trapping most of the dirt that is brought in on shoes.

Also, the carpet will simply become matted and discolored as the dirt gets rubbed into the fibers. The dirt eventually becomes embedded and difficult to remove. In particular, oily and greasy stains can be very difficult to clean when the oil and grease has become rubbed deep into the carpet. It can lead to the carpet taking on a yellowed and grimy appearance as the carpet fibers become impregnated with oily dirt.

The effect of dirt on home carpet fibers can permanently spoil the appearance of a new carpet when damage is caused by wear and abrasion. Regular cleaning and the use of entrance mats is the best way to avoid the damage to carpets caused by dirt and grit.

What Are The Advantages Of Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning?


Cleaning the tile and grout in the bathroom is a long and tedious job, but it is a job that has to be completed at times. This is when people should know what some of the advantages of hiring a professional to do the job are versus doing the job on their own.


The first advantage is the professional has all the proper tools to conquer the hard to get off stains. When the professional is able to remove these stains, it often leaves the area looking better than before, but also makes the area more usable and presentable to guests. Without these tools, people may have to cover up the stains and hope they do not show through the new grout.


A second advantage is the experience factor the professional has over the amateur. Most of the time people do not think about this, but the job is hard and if one little slip is made it could lead to the entire project being ruined. With the professional, they have experience at removing the grout and guarantee the tile will not be damaged by the tools.


Finally, people need to realize the speed in which the professional completes the job is far above their level. Since the professional is getting the job done faster, people do not have to be concerned about the lack of being able to use their bathroom for an extended period of time.


Most of the time when people hear about having to redo their tile, they will start to cringe a little bit on the inside. However, when they know the advantages of using professional tile and grout cleaners, they will no longer cringe. Instead, it will be a welcome facelift to the bathroom they love.



Protect Your Carpet Investment With High-End Color Dye Services

A large part of the investment of a home is its carpeting. Beautiful carpeting can warm up the look of a room, enhance home design and increase saleability. When carpeting becomes stained or faded, the first thought by the homeowner is that it needs to be replaced. This is an expensive venture, and in many cases, it is also completely -Carpet Guru-unnecessary.

Experienced carpet cleaners can dye most carpets back to their original shade, giving them the fresh, clean appearance they had when they were first purchased. Carpet dyeing can also be used to treat a stain and bring the area back to its original color. Professional dyeing is a process which is completely safe and long-lasting, and it doesn’t take much more time than a professional cleaning would. Most often there is very little waiting time to use the carpet again once it has been dyed. Best of all, the homeowner can save as much as 70% over the amount that would be spent on a new carpet.

Would you like to change or update the interior design of your home? Carpet Cleaning can help you do that, by tinting your carpet a new color that will harmonize with your new color scheme. If you’ve never liked the shade of your carpeting, or would like to go lighter or darker, high end cleaning companies can do it for you. Only badly worn carpeting, or a select few carpet fabrics, cannot be dyed.

The Clear Alternative To High Energy Bills

Are you tired of paying astronomically high heating and cooling bills? Now you can control climate for far less expense than you did before. You also can protect your family from danger when using spray foam insulation.

This alternative insulating practice helps households cut utility bills in half. Not only that, but it also improves sound quality and acoustics by 200%. It also makes heating and cooling your home far less difficult than in the past.

Here’s some additional benefits of using spray foam insulation:

• It reduces allergens, pollutants and moisture in the air.
• It diminishes danger ordinarily resulting from accelerated mold growth.
• Air quality will improve.
• You won’t hear as much airborne plumbing noise
• At any point you want to sell your home, its value would increase.
• Drafts and uneven heat or cold spots will lessen.
• No longer will nasty pests and bugs keep coming into your home.
• The substance is easy to apply.
• It won’t shrink or settle.