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Eco-friendly construction material, Kyungdong S-wood

Eco-friendly construction material, Kyungdong S-wood

Kyungdong S-Wood, the latest construction material launched by Kyungdong Worldwide in Republic of Korea, is made with eco-friendly raw material.Kyungdong S-Wood is made from FSC certificated timber, processed by one of its Group companies in Indonesia

Insulated Spa in Illinois

Insulated Spa in Illinois

This insulated spa was built utilizing the energy-efficient, insulated pool wall system.
This is new energy efficient, eco-friendly, green building construction technology for a naturally warmer pool. In non-heated pools it will increase the usability of the pool by at least 35% and in a heated pool it will reduce the heating costs by 70% to 80%. It’s cheaper, easier and faster to save energy than it is to buy or produce it.
Pools built utilizing this construction method can generally be built less expensively than other types of construction methods and types of pools. Also, the heating costs saved over time will actually pay for the construction costs of the pool when heated.

HML Landscape construction & Maintenance

HML Landscape construction & Maintenance

HML Landscape Construction & Maintenance is an award winning, ECO Friendly, Landscape Design, Maintenance & Construction company servicing Residential & Commercial clients for over 15 years. We combine ECO friendly products & services with modern craftsmanship to create harmonious and functional spaces that can be enjoyed for generations.

Commercial or Residential, improving the state of a property can be a lot of work. HML Landscape Construction & Maintenance can do it all for you, offering services for landscaping and hardscaping projects including the construction of concrete decks, retaining walls and curbs.

HML has experienced foreman on staff specific to each trade including plumbing and irrigation, carpentry, horticulture, concrete and design. With this team in place HML has all your bases covered providing a one-stop-shop for any kind of landscaping project. No need to juggle multiple contractors, HML takes care of it all while delivering quality work hassle free, efficiently and on time. From design and execution through to completion, HML delivers every step of the way.

Eco-Friendly Crossbox House

Eco-Friendly Crossbox House

This project is a prototype of a Three-dimensional modular and industrialized house, built with four 40’shipping containers. The aim of this project is to build a low cost architect’s housing with high focus on environmental issues. With a industrial approach, the construction time is reduced, as the prices are getting down. Each volume presents a very simple design: living area on the ground floor, and three bedrooms on the first floor. The crossing of the two boxes provides a covered entrance and a carport.

Dieses Projekt ist ein Prototyp eines dreidimensionalen modularen und Industrie Haus, gebaut mit vier 40’shipping Containern. Das Ziel dieses Projekts ist eine kostengünstige Architektur Gehäuse mit hoher Konzentration auf Umweltfragen zu bauen. Mit einem industriellen Ansatz wird die Bauzeit reduziert, da die Preise immer nach unten. Jeder Band stellt eine sehr einfache Konstruktion: Wohnbereich im Erdgeschoss und drei Schlafzimmer im ersten Stock. Die Kreuzung der beiden Boxen bietet einen überdachten Eingang und einen Carport.

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Management,eco-friendly products,technologies.Рациональный менеджмент,экологичные товары,технологии.

Management,eco-friendly products,technologies.Рациональный менеджмент,экологичные товары,технологии.

Neue Technologien in der Energie, Industrie, in dem Transport und Bauwesen. Neue technische Technologien. Effektive Leitungstätigkeit. Effiziente und effektive Verwaltung, umsichtige Führung (Management).

Rational and efficient management. New techniques and technologies. New technologies for energy, industry, transport and construction of buildings. New engineering technologies.

La gestion rationnelle et efficace. De nouvelles techniques et technologies. Les nouvelles technologies de l’énergie, l’industrie, les transports et la construction de bâtiments. Les nouvelles technologies de l’ingénierie.

Razionale ed efficiente gestione. Nuove tecniche e tecnologie. Nuove tecnologie per l’energia, l’industria, i trasporti e la costruzione di edifici. Nuove tecnologie di ingegneria.

Gestionarea rațională și eficientă. Noi tehnica și tehnologii. Noi tehnologii de energie, de industrie, de transporturi și construcții de clădirilor. Tehnologii noi în inginerie.

Оптимизация управления предприятием, оптимизация производственных процессов.

Снижение управленческих и технологических затрат, оптимизация бизнес-процессов.

Новые технологии в энергетике, промышленности, транспорте, строительстве.

Новые технические технологии.

Рациональное и экономное управление.

Errors in a shipbuilding. Enhancing stability of a ship from overturning.

Shipbuilding, ship repair, ship technologies.

Fehler in einem Schiffbau. Fehler in der Konstruktion von Schiffen. Die Stabilisierung eines Schiffes aus Umkippen. Lösung.

Schiffbau, Schiffsreparatur, Schiff, Technologien.

Errori nella cantieristica navale. Migliorare la stabilità di una nave da ribaltamento.

Costruzione navale, riparazione navale, nave, navi, tecnologia.

Кораблестроение, ремонт кораблей, корабль, технологии.

Увеличение устойчивости судна от переворачивания.

Erreurs dans une construction navale. Renforcement de la stabilité des navires.

La construction navale, la réparation navale, la technologie des navires.





Modernization of a hydro power plants, increasing of a electricity generation – it’s fast and cheap!

Modernizarea hidrocentrale, creșterea producției de energie electrică ieftină – este ieftin și rapid și ușor!

Modernizarea unei hidrocentrale centrale electrice, crescând de o producție de energie electrică – este rapid și ieftin!

Die Modernisierung der Wasserkraftwerke, die Erhöhung der Stromerzeugung – es ist schnell und günstig!

Modernisation des centrales hydroélectriques, l’augmentation de la production d’électricité – il est rapide et bon marché!

Modernização das usinas hidrelétricas, aumentando a produção de geração de energia elétrica – é rápido e barato!

Modernización de la centrales hidroeléctricas, aumento en la producción de energía eléctrica – es rápido y barato!

Modernizzazione delle centrali idroelettriche, aumento la produzione di energia elettrica – è veloce ed economico!




Agriculture, farming, water in desert, food supply of people, water supply in desert, new technologies, food supply of populations.

Energy, energy transfer at a distance, renewable energy, renewable raw material for cleaner fuels, production of renewable fuels, power engineering, energy transmission, renewable energies, renewable raw material for ecological fuel, manufacturing of renewable fuels.

Climate regulation, weather, climate change, regulation weather, weather change, new technologies, ecology, absence of negative consequences, environment, absence of negative effects.

Industry, manufacturing, new technologies.

Промышленность, производство, новые технологии.




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Spacious eco-friendly homes at the gateway to WA’s Swan Valley

Spacious eco-friendly homes at the gateway to WA’s Swan Valley

No stamp duty, no legal fees, no council rates, no strata fees when you buy your home at Middle Swan Village – and that’s just the start.
Double glazed windows and sliding doors, extra insulation in the ceiling and all walls, and more.
All homes have cheap solar power, water wise gardens, bore water reticulation and very low maintenance construction.
The Village includes a beautiful village green, workshop, recreation/club room and other facilities.
A remote controlled gate access ensures high security and peace of mind.
You’ll be close to all attractions of the Swan Valley and within easy walking distance from the major shops, cafes, medical and dental centres.
Prices of homes start from 5,000 and a small weekly fee covers land lease, statuary and maintenance costs. For details visit: www.middleswanvillage.com.au
Or freecall 1 800 736 038.
Discover a new life at Middle Swan Village.

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Green Home at Lake Powell Part 2

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Green Home at Lake Powell Part 2

In this second part of our interview with renowned builder and engineer Dan Thebeau, we talk about how to efficiently cool homes in a desert environment. We also discuss materials and costs associated to building out an energy efficient home as well as timeframe and Thebeau Consulting’s process for working with clients who may not be present during the entire time of construction.