5 Quick Ways to Clean your home before Thanksgiving


If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends, you will probably have your hands full, especially between now and the ringing of your doorbell. In fact, if making the turkey and the dressing is not enough, your home must also be really clean. Therefore, you may need a few recommendations that can help you to cope this year. So, for those of you who have a big job ahead of you, here are 5 quick ways to clean your home before Thanksgiving.

1. Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for the Job

If you are running out of time, you may need a few shortcuts that will not affect the quality of the job that needs to be done. Therefore, to ensure the carpets are clean and fresh, you should call a professional to complete this work so your guests can relax in a clean environment.

2. Get Rid of the Clutter

If you want your home to look nice and neat, you cannot leave mail, magazines, clothes and other items lying around. Therefore, if you want to do a quick job that does not require placing things in a specific place, you should grab a basket for storage. The basket tip is very good for decluttering the room quickly without a lot of time or unnecessary hassles.

3. Use a Lint Roller to Zap the Dust

Dusty furniture all over the home is not the best way to make a good impression. So, you need to dust your furniture with a solution that works quickly. Fortunately, if you use a lint roller to zap the dust, you can do a quick and thorough job of removing dust from every place that is needed.

4. Don’t Forget the Toilets

High traffic areas like the bathroom are one of the first places a guest may visit so you cannot neglect toilet cleaning. So, you should use your favorite products like bleach, pine sol, and Lysol to clean and freshen the entire bathroom.

5. Focus on Rooms Your Guests Will Visit

Thanksgiving is a time when everyone likes to gather in one or two places in the home to socialize. In some cases, the master bedroom in a home is usually off limits, unless you make the offer. So, you should focus on spots that will attract a lot of traffic and spend less time in these restricted areas. For example, if you do not have time to make up your bed, you may want to leave it as is.

Holiday Tips: Cleaning & Organizing Your Home Before The Holidays


It is safe to say that most people want to get their homes cleaned and organized before the upcoming holidays. II is best to start now to avoid extra stress during these busy weeks. For parents with young children, it is a terrific idea to help kids sort through their toy collection. Things that are broken should be discarded. Anything not played with but still in good condition can be given to local charities that find presents for kids. This is an excellent time for women to organize their closets. Put aside stained or in bad shape clothing. These can be used as rags or discarded. Out of style garments, clothes that no longer fit and wardrobe pieces that have gone unused can all be donated to organizations that give away clothing.

Find laundry baskets and place in main rooms. Each day place items found in the wrong spots into a basket. When baskets get full, put away things where they belong. Anything found that is broken, not needed or too old should be thrown away. Try to do short cleaning bursts on a regular basis. Get to those areas not normally cleaned often. Sort junk drawers, go through mail, organize shoes, dust corners and baseboards and take a long duster or clean wring mop to ceiling fixtures.

Wash curtains, vacuum mattresses, dust pictures and throw out those unused bathroom items. Nobody really needs 25 bottles of lotion. Go through dresser drawers, wash company dishes, polish silver and organize kitchen cabinets. Try to clean small areas to keep from becoming too tired. As things start looking better, your momentum is bound to kick in. Remember to figure out where the Christmas tree will be. Rearrange the furniture to suit your holiday decor. Wash the winter bedding and get the dust out from under beds.

Clean the refrigerator, stove, microwave and toaster. Get those appliances typically not wiped down. Bring out the holiday towels and clean the carpets. Give the bathroom a thorough scrubbing. Try to find places for everything. Get creative with baskets, shelves and containers to store items neatly out of sight. Enlist kids to help. It is amazing what they can get done. Consider offering a small allowance to be used for their Christmas shopping. Make the job fun, turn upbeat music on and don’t overdo it. Follow up cleaning day with hot chocolate and a family movie.  Check out the Carpet Cleaning Columbus IN site

How to Clean Window Blinds


Cleaning your window blinds can help to brighten your home and make it look great. But for many people getting their blinds clean can be a difficult chore. However, it might not make this task your favorite thing to do, taking the following steps can make cleaning blinds a lot easier and help to keep your blinds clear of grime with a lot less effort.

What You Will Need

The first step in the process of cleaning the blinds is gathering the things you will need. They include a vacuum cleaner with attachments, a feather duster, some drop cloths, mild soap, a few dryer sheets, some antibacterial wipes, spray cleaner and a soft cloth. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re ready to start cleaning.

Step One

Use the feather duster to remove the light dust from the blinds. Using the upholstery brush with the vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth can also help. Rotate the blinds as you clean to remove the dust both the front as well as the back of the slats.

Step Two

Using antibacterial wipes or a moist towel, clean any blinds which are lightly soiled. Use your thumb to rub the wipe or towel gently along the slats. Slide the rag back and forth while holding the slat in place. Be careful not to press too hard particularly if you have metal blinds. Too much pressure can cause them to bend and cause permanent damage. Some people find it easier to take the metal blinds off the window, lay them on a sheet outdoors and use a hose to spray them. This isn’t recommended for wooden or fabric blinds. The water could ruin them.

For wooden of faux wood blinds, close the blinds and spray lightly with a cleanser and wipe them gently. Flip the blinds to the other side and do the same thing. With fabric blinds use the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment and run it over both sides of each slat. For spots that are stained, use warm water and mild soap for spot cleaning.

Step Three

After cleaning the blinds, rub a dryer sheet along both sides of each slat. This will help to keep dust from collecting.

Using a feather duster to clean the blinds once every week or two will help to keep them looking fresh and clean until you’re ready to do another deep cleaning.

Bonus tip: To keep dust to a minimum, and lengthen time between cleanings, have your carpets and floors professionally cleaned! Check out a Wentzville, MO carpet cleaner.

Ten Ways To Spring Clean Your Home



Spring cleaning your home is quite simple, but you must ensure that you have divided the work into ten small things you may do. This article will take you through each of the ten items, and it will show you a clean home that was not all that difficult to clean. You must do these items throughout the week, or you may complete them in one day depending on your schedule.

#1: Hire A Carpet Cleaner

You must hire a professional carpet cleaner who will clear the carpets at the beginning of the season. The carpets will feel much better, and they will be far softer after the cleaner is done with their work.

#2: Scrub The Walls

You must clean up the walls and fingerprints that you have throughout the house. The house will be much easier to enjoy when you have clear walls, and they are quite easy to keep clean during the course of the years.

#3: Clean The Fridge

You may clean out your fridge quickly, and you will find there is plenty of food you may pitch.

#4: Clean The Stove

You must clean up your stove, and you will find that spending about an hour on the grates and burners will make it easier to clean going forward.

#5: Clean And Store Winter Clothes

You must clean and store your winter clothes, and you will get them out of the way for the balance of the spring.

#6: Clean Your Closet

You may clean and organize your closet quite easily, and you will notice how simple it is to ensure that the closet is easier to use. You need to move everything off the floor, and you may add storage to the closet if you so choose.

#7: Clean Your Bathroom

You may deep clean your bathroom easily, and you must ensure it smells fresh when you are finished. The tub, shower and sinks will be easier to use once they have been cleaned.

#8: Clean The Basement

You may clean out your basement easily, and you will get rid of things you simply do not need anymore.

#9: Clean The Deck

You must clean your deck so that you may go outside, enjoy the weather and bask in the sunshine that you are getting this time of year.

#10: Clean The Driveway

You must clean your driveway if you wish to complete the process, and you will have a clean house inside and out.

The Best Ways To Dust Your Home

Dusting your home is a necessary task when you are attempting to keep the house clean. You must keep dust from floating about the house this way and that, and this article explains how you may keep the home clean. There are a few steps that will help you keep the house the dust-free, and you will avoid the problems that occur when you have dust up your nose.#1: Find A Duster

The duster you use will help you pull away dust from obvious spots, and you will find a dry duster to be helpful as it is picks up everything in one swoop. You may dust in the corners of the ceiling, on furniture and in spots around the house that are difficult to reach. You may begin dusting in this manner as it will help you pick up items that are quite large.

#2: Use A Dust Spray

You will find a few different dusting sprays at the grocery store or local market that will help clump dust when you are cleaning large areas. You may spray down a table in your home, or you may spray furniture that is covered in dust. You may do the same with shelves in you kitchen with the furniture in your bedroom or the shelves in your closets. Using a spray is helpful, and it will speed up the process when you have a flat surface that is covered with dust.

#3: Using Special Dusting Cloths

The dusting cloths you use in the house are designed to trap dust, and they work well with the sprays you will use. You must ensure you have used the cloths every time you dust, and you will find it quite important to have something that will pick up dust easily. You may wash off the cloth, and you may go back to dusting. The process will be quite fast, and you may complete the work in moments.

#4: Dust The Vents

You must dust the vents with a dry duster and a cloth or spray. You will find it simple to clean the vents as they release their dust, and you will enjoy dusting them as they release anything that is in the system. You will keep the house much cleaner, and you will find it much simpler to keep dust from floating in the air as you walk about the house every day.

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Keep Your Home Cleaner With These 5 Habits


Nothing can be more daunting than seeing your house in shambles after you’ve just spent hours cleaning. Taking care of a family, especially with small children, is hard work and cleaning is the least favorite chore of everyone in the house. There are numerous ways to get and keep a house clean. Try following some of these five tried-and-proven habits used by moms all over to lessen time spent cleaning and enjoy spending more time doing the things they love to do.

1. Shoes off at the door

Whether you have hardwood or carpet flooring, having a dirty floor is disgusting and unsightly. To decrease your time spent on maintaining a cleaner floor, make a house rule prohibiting anyone entering the home from wearing shoes inside. If you are worried about clutter, try placing a shoe rack by the entrance.

2. Put away items after use

Leaving things lying around can quickly lead to a dirty, cluttered home. When you finish using something, put it back right after use. Ensuring everything has a place will make you less likely to leave objects laying around.

3. Make cleaning a family activity

A family that cleans together, stays together. Assign everyone a chore that should be done daily. Not only does this take the burden off you solely, it teaches good etiquette when living with others.

This may be difficult to accomplish if you have small children. For smaller kids, start with them being in charge of their own room. Make nightly room check ups routine and instruct them rather then doing it yourself.

4. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink

After a long day and a hot meal, washing dishes at the bottom on the “need-to-do” list. Putting dishes off not only increases your load with everyday that passes but it also makes cleaning dishes more difficult. Make sure to cleaning dishes after dinner routinely.

5. Put clothes on hangers or in drawers

Reduce your laundry load by hanging clothes up that have not been worn and folding all clothes that belong in a drawer. Keeping clothes tidy is not only cleaner but more organized.

Maintaining a clean home doesn’t always have to be hard work. Incorporating some of these simple habits daily will make cleaning feel like less exhausting. The benefits and reduce in stress will be felt instantly.

Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy Include Prenatal Care


It is important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally during pregnancy. You can increase your chances of having a complication-free pregnancy if you take care of yourself. Below is a list of things you can do in order to stay healthy during pregnancy:

Get Prenatal Care Early

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, you should schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. You will be screened for conditions that can increase your risk of complications. You should also let your provider know about any medications you are taking.

You will likely have to see your provider at least 10 to 15 times throughout your pregnancy. That is why it is important to select one you trust.


One of the best things you can do to prepare your body mentally and physically for childbirth is to exercise. Regular exercise will help you build up your stamina and strength. It can also decrease your risk of complications, such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Check with your healthcare provider before you begin exercising.

Good Nutrition

You may have heard that you need to eat for two while you are pregnant. However, you only need to eat about 300 extra calories per day. Eating too many calories can cause you to gain a lot of weight, which is not healthy for you or your baby. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. Undercooked meat, fish with high levels of mercury, deli meats and raw seafood are examples of foods you should avoid.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins have more iron and folic acid than your standard multivitamin. Folic acid can reduce your baby’s chances of developing spina bifida and other neural tubal defects. Your need for iron increases during pregnancy.

Consider Hiring A Doula

A doula is a person who is trained to assist a woman in labor. Studies have shown that women who have doulas are less likely to have complications during delivery. They are also less likely to need a C-section. Furthermore, women who have a doula are able to use less pain medication.

Avoid Harmful Substances

Street drugs, alcohol and tobacco can put you and your baby at risk. There are also prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are dangerous for pregnant women to use. That is why you consult with your healthcare provider before you take any medication.   More Info At: OBGYN Missoula Site

The Damaging Effect Of Dirt On Home Carpet Fibers

The appearance of a new carpet always improves the look of any room, but without regular cleaning dirt and grit will soon start to damage the new carpet.

The majority of dirt and grit that finds its way onto home carpets is brought in on the shoes of the occupants and unless a carpet is vacuumed regularly, will soon find its way deep into the carpet fibers. Modern carpet fibers are more resistant to wear and abrasion but eventually damage will be done to the carpet.

When the carpet is walked on, the dirt and grit acts as an abrasive and, like sandpaper, will start to rub, abrade and wear the individual carpet fibers. The appearance of the carpet depends upon the color and surface finish of the individual fibers, so as they become scratched and damaged by abrasion and wear, the carpet loses its attractive new look.

The action of dirt on carpets will be particularly evident at entrances and other heavy traffic areas where the gritty particles are frequently rubbed into the fibers and do most damage. Using entrance mats can help prevent damage to carpet fibers by trapping most of the dirt that is brought in on shoes.

Also, the carpet will simply become matted and discolored as the dirt gets rubbed into the fibers. The dirt eventually becomes embedded and difficult to remove. In particular, oily and greasy stains can be very difficult to clean when the oil and grease has become rubbed deep into the carpet. It can lead to the carpet taking on a yellowed and grimy appearance as the carpet fibers become impregnated with oily dirt.

The effect of dirt on home carpet fibers can permanently spoil the appearance of a new carpet when damage is caused by wear and abrasion. Regular cleaning and the use of entrance mats is the best way to avoid the damage to carpets caused by dirt and grit.

Tile – Grout – Carpet – Everything Cleaning

What Are The Advantages Of Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning


Cleaning the tile and grout in the bathroom is a long and tedious job, but it is a job that has to be completed at times. This is when people should know what some of the advantages of hiring a professional to do the job is versus doing the job on their own.


The first advantage is the professional has all the proper tools to conquer the hard to get off stains. When the professional is able to remove these stains, it often leaves the area looking better than before, but also makes the area more usable and presentable to guest. Without these tools, people may have to cover up the stains and hope they do not show through the new grout.


A second advantage is the experience factor the professional has over the amateur. Most of the time people do not think about this, but the job is hard and if one little slip is made it could lead to the entire project being ruined. With the professional they have experience at removing the grout and guarantee the tile will not be damaged by the tools.


Finally people need to realize the speed which the professional completes the job is far above their level. Since the professional is getting the job done faster, people do not have to be concerned about the lack of being able to use their bathroom for an extended period of time.


Most of the time when people hear about having to redo their tile, they will start to cringe a little bit on the inside. However, when they know the advantages of using the professional tile and grout cleaners, they will no longer cringe. Instead, it will be a welcome face lift to the bathroom they love.



Coffee Stain Help

Tips To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

When you spill coffee on your brand new carpet, you will go through a couple of emotions really quick. The first one you will experience is the one of dread on what you just did to your brand new carpet. However, you will quickly recover from this and then have to figure out how you can remove the stain from the carpet. Here is some advice that will get rid of the stain from your carpet.

The first thing you will want to do is blot up as much of the stain as possible with a towel or paper towels. Blotting most of this up will help prevent the stain from setting in the carpet and allow you to have a better chance of getting the stain out of the carpet completely.

A second thing you need to do is figure out which of the cleaners you should use on the carpet. For example, natural fiber carpets do not do well with the different types of liquid cleaners and can absorb the cleaner. However, after this is done you will want to apply the stain removing item in the manner the directions talk about. Then you will want to remove the cleaner after a few minutes to get rid of the cleaner and stain at the same time.

New carpet always looks great in a home, but it never fails the first thing to get dropped on the new carpet is the items that cause the worst stains, like coffee. However, when you know how to remove the coffee stain quickly, it is going to be easy to clean up your floor and not have to worry about the brand new carpet that you just had installed in your home being ruined by the coffee or other items.

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Carpet Cleaning And Social Media

It’s becoming more and more important to bring together all social media outlets.  Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google Plus and more!  So, for an example you need to be posting on all outlets in an attempt to get some extra jobs coming in – Facebook is the most important to use in that.  This carpet cleaning company has the right website and participates in google plus, facebook, twitter, and yelp.  This generates them more business.  Bringing together all of these will not only rank you higher in google but will also generate word of mouth and business.  Once you bring all of these things together it combines for a powerful force.  His website is clean and to the point!  Very user friendly as well.


Here’s an example of a great Yelp Page!  First of all it has a map – info about company – the hours and lots of reviews!  Try to make sure people review you!

is fun – family oriented and I think draws him customers!  Why wouldn’t you want to support a carpet cleaner like this?

I hope these examples show companies great ideas about how to interact with the online world.  It’s important and necessary for multiple reasons.

Protect Your Investment! 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Clean the Tile and Natural Stone Surfaces in Your Home

Solid homes feature more than just a sturdy foundation. From rooftop to groundwork, solid homes are built with quality materials that are capable of withstanding time and wear. Proper maintenance increases longevity, allowing quality materials to reach their full potential. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional to clean your high-quality natural stone or tile surfaces will help your flooring last and shine.

1. Professionals understand sub flooring.

Cracks and wear appear in even the most resilient tile and natural stone surfaces, especially if the area is used frequently. High traffic, combined with changes in temperature can wear down grout or cause slight slippage when the tiles or stone do not create a smooth surface. But this kind of wear is more than unattractive. It can cause water, salt or other debris to enter your home’s subflooring and cause further damage. Before reapplying grout or reseating tiles and stones, call in a professional who will clean and inspect sub flooring.

2. Professional cleaners preserve your floor’s warranty.

There are many do-it-yourself cleansers and practices that damage natural stone and tile. Using these types of cleaners can cause you to lose your investment’s warranty. To keep your investment safe, professional cleaners use appropriate cleansers and perform proper maintenance, whether that means patching a problem area or even matching the color of replaced grout.

3. Professionals bring their own tools and equipment.

You probably own a few microfiber mops and dusters. You may even have a vacuum cleaner with a hard surface attachment. While these kinds of tools can be used for light cleaning, you want a professional cleaner to perform regularly scheduled deep cleaning. You will also want a professional cleaner to step in after a party, or a muddy summer or an extremely harsh winter. Professionals arrive with acidic cleaners, steam cleaners, stain-removing paste and other professional-grade equipment that will keep your floor looking polished and new.

4. Professionals know the difference between a honed finish and a polished one.

Professional floor cleaners are experts. They understand the details of flooring maintenance better than a general cleaning service. For instance, there are three types of tile and natural stone finishes. Each requires its own specific maintenance regimen. Polished stone glossy. A honed finish is a satin, or slightly matte and a flamed finished has a rough texture. One cleaning technique does not fit all.

5. You are too busy.

Stain-removing paste, acidic conditioners, floor polishers and even sanders do not belong in untrained hands. Taking a weekend off to experiment with various cleaning possibilities may very well turn out to be a waste of time and money. 

In short, choosing a professional service to care for your high-quality flooring is the only certain way to keep your investment looking its best.

Reasons to Choose “Low Moisture” Carpet Cleaning

Deciding which method you want to have used by a professional carpet cleaning service can be a puzzling dilemma, but the following are five reasons why the low moisture system for soil extraction is the ideal answer to make your home “sparkle:”

The cleaning process using low moisture will result in your carpet being dry and spot free in approximately one hour in comparison to coping for perhaps a day or two with wet carpet from a typical steam cleaning. With traditional steam cleaning, there are hoses running throughout the home, which means the doors have to be open and you are losing air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Also, steam cleaning demands the use of 30 to 60 gallons of water while the low moisture process usually uses only three to four gallons, all depending on the amount of carpeting that is to be cleaned.
The equipment has a specially-designed brush that cleans down to the carpet base and doesn’t just clean the carpet surface. A dirt-emulsifying shampoo is thoroughly brushed into the carpet, and a strong suction then lifts out the dirt. Low moisture cleaning gets the deep-down dirt out without over-wetting of the padding and subfloor. There is no shrinking, buckling, warping, mildewing, molding, and especially no leaving of any sticky residue afterward that immediately begins to attract dirt and stains to the carpet fibers again. For carpet cleaning in Clearwater, FL the low moisture method is ideal because of the humid climate.
The extraction process brings the carpet back to looking like new. Stain removal is accomplished including tough jobs such as pet stains, crayons, markers, paint, nail polish, and other substances that are difficult to remove.
The amount of pollutants removed from the carpets is as much as 99%, which helps any family members who suffer from a variety of allergies, asthma, and other problems to breathe easier.

There is a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) that is the largest international cleaner’s association in the world. It sets cleaning standards, client relations, and has a Code of Business Ethics to ensure consistency and uniformity among its members. It offers technical support, education, research and development, and interaction between the members and carpet mills, other organizations, and industry publications.

Your carpeting is one of the most expensive investments you make in your home, so protect it, extend its life, and make it healthier. For more details and an individual quote for your home that will help decide exactly what your carpets need, you can contact the helpful staff at a local reputable and reliable carpet cleaning service.

Five Steps For Cleaning Your Carpets During The Spring And Summer

The Deep Clean

There are five simple steps to keep your carpets clean during the spring and summer. You should use a good quality deep cleaner to remove the hair, dust and dirt from your carpet and restore the texture and color. If your home has carpeted stairs, you need to use a machine with attachments.

The Rubber Gloves

If you have pets, you already know the hair gets everywhere. Too much pet hair can clog a deep cleaning machine. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and run them across your carpeting where the majority of pet hair is located. The hair will stick to your gloves due to the friction they create. Now you can love both your furry friends and your carpet.

The Forgotten Areas

Do not forget to clean your carpeting in the areas you most likely forget about. This includes between the baseboards and your carpet, underneath the beds and inside your closets. Of course hiring a professional carpet cleaner will allow for the highest quality results and save you tons of time. Brought to you by Tri-County Carpet Cleaning in Clemson SC.


Your carpets will be easier to clean if you vacuum on a regular basis and prior to using a carpet cleaner. If possible, vacuum your carpets once each week.

The Stains

You need to treat any stains on your carpet prior to using your carpet cleaner. You can purchase a good stain remover or make your own using two parts water and one part vinegar. Put the solution into a spray bottle and spray the stain well. Allow the solution to remain for fifteen to twenty minutes prior to using your carpet cleaner.

Love Your Pets, Hate the Mess? Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help!


We love our pets and we love our carpet in our home. We all know that pets and carpet mixed together can create one big nightmare. Carpet is great to have in a home but when pets are involved it can be very unforgiving. There are lots of over the counter products to help clean your carpet after a pet accident, but most of the time they just don’t do the trick. Pet stains and odors can be overpowering and embarrassing.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Meridian ID can save you the headache of trying to clean your carpet, or worse, having to replace it. It will allow you to enjoy your home with your four-legged friend.

5 Pet Stains a Professional Carpet Cleaner can Help With

  • Urine. Whether you have old geriatric pets, a puppy, or a wayward cat who likes to miss the litter box, all pet owners have had a pee accident on the carpet. These can not only stain your carpet but they can leave behind horrible smells too that will linger in the carpet and home for weeks.
  • Mud. Anyone who owns dogs knows that it is next to impossible to wipe all the mud off their paws. Even if you do manage to get it off their feet somehow they always seem to have it somewhere on their body too.
  • Vomit. Pets vomit from time to time and they don’t always do it when we are home or awake. The longer it sits on the carpet the harder it is to get up.
  • Poop. Everyone who owns a pet has had poop on their carpet at least once. Whether your pet is sick or still learning to use the litter box or go outside it happens. The smell and stain from it can be awful, not to mention embarrassing.
  • Pet Dander. Just having a pet can make your house smell different to people who don’t own pets. It’s not that you don’t keep your house clean, it’s the dander on your pet and only a good thorough deep clean can get rid of it.

We all love our pets and we want to have a clean odor free home. Professional carpet cleaners can help you have the best of both worlds. Before you move your couch over the next stain you may wish to consider giving a carpet cleaner a call.